Science Says this One Weird Trick indicates Emotional Intelligence

This is the most clickbait title I could think of. Why did you click it?!

Note to authors and editors: If you use any of these phrases, I will not click!

Why did you?

Science says…

“Science” doesn’t talk. A scientific study may indicate some interesting discovery. Real science employes the scientific method of hypothesis, experimentation, and peer review. If an article claims that “science” says something, and it is missing these components or a source with them… it isn’t science. It’s either marketing or political manipulation.

One Weird Trick

This is just pure clickbait by uncreative marketing people. Anybody still using this isn’t even trying anymore.

Emotional Intelligence

This is the latest catch phrase for being in control of your emotions, and having empathy for others. Long ago we’d call it “being in touch with your feminine side”, because somehow we didn’t realize how ridiculously sexist that was. (Or just didn’t care, and thus weren’t? 🤔) Anyway, this is a new headline fad. I don’t even know what sort of articles are behind these headlines, because I refuse to click on them.

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