Embed an Expert to Accelerate into the Cloud

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The Outside Team

When asked that question, nearly all consultants jump into how to move your application. They’ll talk about lift & shift vs cloud native, microservices, serverless, domain-driven and event-driven designs. They are right to do so; these are important decisions to make when modernizing your applications.

Use Your Existing Team

Your engineers need to learn how to architect and program the new cloud native way, that’s the only long term play.

Embed an Expert

A third approach is to embed an individual cloud application development expert into your team. This expert can guide your in-house team and accelerate the project. An expert has gone through this trial and error many times already, so they skip the false starts and go right to a solution for you based on their vast experience.



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Adam Fanello

Adam Fanello

Consulting Software Engineer and AWS Solutions Architect with over 34 years of experience. Specializing in AWS serverless application development and IoT.