Clean Code


Throughout my career as a software engineer, certain nuggets of wisdom have come my way. I may pick some up from co-workers, from reading blogs, or often enough the old fashioned way — learning from my own errors.

But why?

First off, after twenty-five years or so, there’s little in Clean Code that I haven’t heard before. So why read it now?

  1. It’s all the advice on how to craft code in one referenceable manual.
  • Buy it on paper. (Flipping pages to reference code example isn’t so easy in a PDF, and e-books mutilate formatting.)
  • Read it.
  • Put what you learned into practice.

Could it be better?

Clean Code has one big flaw prevalent throughout: Java.

More Must Reads?

Are there other must-read books for software engineers and architects? Put it in a comment.



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Adam Fanello

Adam Fanello


Consulting Software Engineer and AWS Solutions Architect with over 34 years of experience. Specializing in AWS serverless application development and IoT.